Aerial Property Photography

Estate Agent

Private Hotel, The Lake District Aerial Image

 Aerial property photography will greatly increase the  sale ability of any property. Not only does the image give a better idea of the size of the property but it also shows the extent of the gardens and land, and it can better describe the setting. Even houses and apartments that look relatively plain from ground level can be given an aesthetic advantage by photographing them from an elevated viewpoint. So, give your property portfolio that extra sales push by using aerial drone property photography by From Above. 

We currently have contracts with 2 Estate Agents in the North West and are looking to add to this  area of work.

Property Development

Housing development aerial photograph

One of the best uses for aerial services is for marketing new property development sites aerial property photography.

From Above can capture the scale and location of new housing developments giving a unique point of view and putting into perspective the location of any new site.

Uses can include social media photography and videography. Large photo and canvass prints for marketing suits and photo prints for brochures.

Private Property Photography


A unique gift. From Above aerial property photography can get your property onto canvass and be proud of your home. From Above regularly create high resolution photos for private property.

Edited Property Marketing Viedo

An example of a short, edited video of a property for use on estate agent's websites / social media.

These videos are included in the price of estate agents photography with From Above

Estate Agent Promo Video

A short edit to show how we can create cinema quality videos to showcase the magic of properties.

360 Property Example

An example of a 360 property video which can be used on websites / social media to show the whole of a property in all of its surroundings.