Aerial Livestream Marketing

Livestream Aerial Video

Livestream Aerail Video

Social media today is probably the best, cheapest way to market any business or event to a targeted, meaningful audience.

From Above can now offer a fantastic service not currently offered by other companies, an aerial livestream service.

We can livestream straight to your facebook page as we fly over your event, property, wedding etc.

Imagine, you are getting married but some of your family live in America and cannot make it. We  From Above could livestream the wedding  allowing them to see and hear live. This video then automatically saves to your facebook profile for you to keep.

This has many uses including new property developments - livestream a flight over the new building site to show your facebook audience the work in progress. 

Local events such as Country fair, running events, live bands to name but a few can now all be filmed from a drone and viewed live on facebook to reach thousands more as an audience.

Prices for this service start from £250