Construction Industry Services

From Above offer aerial services to the construction industry including 2D / 3D surveys, maps, roof inspections and more!

Aerial Surveys, 3D Modelling

Drone Roof Inspection

Roof / Building Inspections

Drone roof / building inspections are highly efficient and can save lots of time, money and preparation.

For a fraction of the costs of manual inspections, From Above use the most appropriate technology to get the most detailed views from as close as required. This is done using 4k HD equipment with zoom to capture detailed, zoomed in photos and videos risking no one's safety.

3D drone model & site survey

3D Site Modelling / Photogrammetry

From Above can easily create full, multi-layered 3D site models using drone photogrammetry software.

3D modelling is a great way to visualize the 3 dimensionalities of your object of interest - giving full measurements, areas and volumes of any part of the model. This is a very cost effective way of surveying land for architecture, construction, engineering, building planning etc.

Drone Photogrammetry agriculture anaylsis

Crop Health

From Above can map out in detail areas of good and bad crop health with aerial surveys. This can uncover a new understanding of an area of agriculture and provide you with the knowledge need to improve overall efficiency.

3D Modelling / Mapping

From Above uses cutting edge photogrammetry software. This enables us to capture both 2D and 3D models and maps of areas which shows a host of information including area, volume, distance, heights, elevation, crop health etc using 5 layers.

Below, you can have a see for yourself what we can produce and what data can be taken and how easy it is to use:

3D drone mapping